How to Create a Simple Survey in WordPress

At first glance, it may seem that creating a survey is a very complicated process, but, through this article, I will show you how easy it is. So we will create a simple survey with the help of the Best WordPress Survey Plugin in WordPress step-by-step.

WordPress Survey Maker

Reason for creating the survey

This is the most important question that you should ask yourself before creating the survey because it depends on how useful the survey will be. Before creating the survey, you should ask yourself two important questions. 

What audience is it intended for?

It is very important to know what your targeted audience is because according to it you can decide what topic to choose for your survey, and what questions to include in it. For example, if it is for children, it can be about the school, the way of conducting classes. If the children are going to complete it, then it should be written in a language that is easy to understand, it should be colorful and full of interesting pictures so that the children do not get bored. Preferably more multiple-choice questions.

What is its purpose?

It is very essential to understand why you are creating this survey, what is its main purpose, and what you want to know through it. Therefore, before creating a survey, write down what you want to know to include such questions in the survey so that the answers to them will help you achieve your main goal.

For example, if the main purpose of your survey is to increase the productivity of the employees of an organization, then the questions in your survey should contribute to finding and solving the main reason for its creation. Therefore, you can create an Anonymous Survey asking employees what they don’t like about their workplace or work, and what they would like to change, which will motivate them to work better. This type of survey will serve as a Customer Satisfaction Survey. Asking these types of questions will help you achieve the main goal of your survey. 

Creating a Simple Survey in WordPress Step-by-Step 

Step 1: The Installing Process of  Survey from the Beginning 

WordPress Dashboard » Plugins » Search » Survey Maker » Install » Activate

First, you need to install and activate our plugin. So open your WordPress dashboard and click on the button Plugins. Search Survey Maker and click on install and after that click on activate. Now on the left side of your dashboard, you can see the logo of the Best WordPress Survey Plugin.

Step 2: The main information of the Survey

Survey Maker plugin » Add New » General Tab

Now open the Survey Maker plugin by clicking on it. Click on Add new and set General Settings.

The most important thing is to decide survey’s title as it should be eye-catching to generate interest. After this write down the title of each section. Here you also have a section description, so fill it in if you need it.

Step 3: Adding Questions and Answers

Now it’s time for questions. You should decide on such questions so that the survey takers will not find questions boring and the whole process of passing the survey will be interesting and they will gladly answer the questions, instead of closing the survey in the middle and going about their business. You can see on the right side of the question field some editing tools to edit your questions and also an opportunity to choose an image for your question.

We can add as many sections and questions as we want by clicking on Add Question and Add Section buttons.

Step 4: Adding Question Types

This survey also allows you to choose the question type that is more relevant to your question from the wide range of question types offered. This survey provides you with 19 types of questions, which are Radio, Checkbox (Multi), Dropdown, Linear Scale, Star Rating, Paragraph, Short Text, Number, Phone, Date, Time, Date and Time, Matrix Scale, Matrix Scale Checkbox, Star List, Slider List, Yes or No, Slider, File upload and also Email and Number. Choose the type of question appropriate to your question.

Step 5: Adding Answers 

Under the question field, you can see the options/answers field. As in those cases, in this case, write the suggested answers, by the way, you can write as many answers by clicking on the circled plus you want because they are also unlimited. In the lower right part of the general area of questions and answers, you can see the special buttons for Duplicating or Deleting the given question, and next to them is the Required button that allows you to make the given question mandatory for each survey taker to answer. Right next to it you will see three dots buttons which will provide you with additional functions. 

You must click the Save button for saving all your changes. That’s all you need for creating a simple survey. 

Survey example

Step 6: Publishing a Survey

General settings » Shortcode text for editor

After these two steps, your survey will be completely ready and all that remains is to use it․ For using it you need to copy the shortcode. The shortcode of your survey can be found right at the top of the home page called Shortcode text for editor. Here you should copy the shortcode and paste it into a page, post, or text widget, so your survey will be inserted there. 

Congratulations, your survey creation process has been completed successfully!

Survey admin

The Example of the Simple Survey

 For example, I will call my surveyLiving in the City VS Living in the Country. I want to have four sections: the first section will be could “Advantages of Living in a City”, the second section will be “Advantages of Living in a Country “,  “Disadvantages of Living in a City”, and “Disadvantages of Living in a Country”. My first question for my first section is “Is the city you live in big or small?”, so I will choose the Yes or No question type. After that “What is the greatest advantage of living in the city?”, so for this question, I will choose a Short Text question type, as the survey takers should write their thoughts, so they need space for that. 

In the End!

So, as you understood from this article, creating a survey is a very easy process, the only difficult thing is to formulate the questions in it correctly and present the content interestingly. Even though we know the advantages and disadvantages of surveys, it is still very important to know how to create them and create absorbing non-repeating surveys that serve their purpose.