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WordPress Automatic Translator Plugin

Translating your WordPress website into many languages is important. The visitors will be appealed to read your website content or interact in their mother tongues. WordPress site translation into multiple languages builds a strong bond between the customers and your business leading to its internalization. 

Statistics show that online shoppers tend to make purchases from websites talking in their native languages even if they totally understand another language. 

So what will you get by translating your WordPress website?

Enhanced brand awareness
Easy user segmentation
Increased sales 

Interested? Let’s see how you can do this on your WordPress site!

Automatic Translator With Google Translate

Our biggest mission is to present high-quality and simple automatic translation capabilities absolutely free of charge!!

The Automatic Translator with Google Translate plugin contains all the essential features to have a great multilingual website available for a big number of people all over the Globe.

Scoring 1,000+ active installations on WordPress the plugin automatically translates your website into 104 languages just in a few seconds. Being powered by the Google Translate Engine, it presents trustworthy, advanced, and professional translations. 

Main Benefits

Easy to Use: The Automatic Translator plugin is super easy to use. To start with this plugin you should just install and activate it on your WordPress site. Only a few seconds and you will get your WordPress site automatically translated into 100+ languages.
Intuitive: Unlike its many competitors, this plugin is highly intuitive. You do not need to complete any configurations. It works out of the box to provide the best user experience.
Design: The plugin’s modern, sharp, and pixel-perfect design makes it match most WP sites’ styles. So, there is no need for additional modifications.
Flag Icons: The language flag icons are designed perfectly to help the users find their preferred languages quickly. 
Customization-Ready: The Automatic Translator plugin is very simple to customize. So, you will get more control and be a step forward than your competitors by starting to use the best website translator plugin now.
User-Friendly Interface: The plugin’s simple and user-friendly interface will help website owners to make all the needed customizations very quickly without any hustles. The options are simple yet very functional.
Mobile-Friendly: You can enjoy seamless translations on any device. The plugin works correctly on any mobile device.
Totally Free: The Automatic Translator with Google Translate is totally FREE of Charge. There are no hidden fees or paid features. All of the great functions are available immediately after freely activating the plugin on your WordPress site. Moreover, our developers always work on adding different helpful features to this plugin without ever planning to charge for them.
Constant Updates: The plugin is regularly updated to be compatible with the latest WP versions.
Great Customer Support: Customers receive our fast and personalized support service in case of any issues or questions. Also, we are open to clients’ suggestions on different improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can the users select their preferred languages?

When entering your website, the visitors will spot a dropdown language menu – the Automatic Translation Button. This is usually located on the top left corner of your website page.

How Can I customize the Automatic Translation Button style?

You can easily choose a unique style for your website’s Automatic Translation Button due to the plugin’s advanced styling options. You are able to change icons, button color, font, and so on.

Can I change the Automatic Translation Button location?

If you do not want to display the button on the default top left side of your website page, then you can easily change this in the plugin’s “Advanced Options” section. To make the process even easier and smoother the plugin developers offer to use a shortcode to implement the translation button in any location you wish.

Besides, you are able to display this button on widgets.

Will I get duplicated posts or pages upon translation?

Absolutely not! The plugin conducts immediate automatic website translation when customers choose a certain language from the menu. It does not create duplicated posts or pages on your WordPress site.

Do I need to have translation skills to make translations through this plugin?

Whenever you activate the WordPress Automatic Translator plugin on your website you do not need to translate anything on your own. It will complete the work automatically instead of you.

Do you have any other questions or topics that you want to discuss with us? Please contact us, we are happy to hear from you 🙂